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How to share mic to breakout rooms?

Hi,Using version 5.10 of Zoom I am able to share a video with sound which is great. I can also share my webcam but cannot find a way to share my sound. What I would like to do as a host is to speak to all attendees while they are in the breakout room...

JohnB by Observer
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Resolved! Breakout Room

I can't find the breakout rooms button. I've installed the latest Zoom version.

Preassigning participants to Zoom Breakouts

I'm able to preassign attendees to my breakout rooms without trouble but when I start my meeting and open breakout rooms, the attendees are no longer preassigned. They are labeled as unassigned. Once the meeting is complete, I can go back into settin...

Options setting for Breakout rooms

I have experienced this a couple of times.I have either ticked the box;Allow participants to choose roomor Breakout rooms close automatically after ___ minutes prior to opening the rooms then either open the rooms some 5 to 10 minutes after setting t...

Breakout Rooms

We will be using breakout rooms for a company-wide meeting (800 participants). We cannot assign users to breakout rooms but need to allow users to select their own room. Uploading user emails via CSV and assigning them to breakout rooms is not an opt...

Can someone give me the basics of the Breakout rooms

I have been around for a while and now I have a need to use Breakout rooms. I went through the basic video and it did not explain it well. I am the Owner of the account. I did experiment but there were only three people and it was confusing.Do I just...

RonCro by Observer
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Resolved! SOS: Zoom not connecting on Mac app

I've been trying for over an hour to connect to Zoom meetings through my Mac's Zoom app. I cannot even log in, it states there is no connection. However, my friend is able to start, login, and connect to meetings on the same wifi. I don't have a VPN,...

brile by Observer
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Resolved! Breakout rooms

I need to display different content or run a different app in each breakout room. Is this possible?

Resolved! Livestream and then breakout rooms?

Is it possible to livestream an event with a couple of hosts and muted participants and then end the livestream but send participants into breakout rooms for discussion? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!