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Microphone stops working on Breakout Rooms

I was participating in a Zoom meeting, my mic was working perfectly. Then I got transferred to a Breakout Room and every now and then Zoom would show a notification that my mic stopped working. I had to keep changing the source to refresh it and make...

ZOOM Breakout Rooms Error/Doesnt Work

Hello. I need help please.Has anyone here experienced the error of breakout rooms fucntion?Here is my storyI already set my breakout to the "flexible one" (anyone can join, anyone can go to main room anytime, anyone can choose, no time limit etc). Th...

Can I open a breakout room one at a time?

I want to create about 24 breakout rooms but I don't want them all open at the same time. is there a way to open only specific rooms or am I stuck with opening all the rooms at once?

Breakout rooms setting

Hi everyone, every time I open a Zoom meeting I have to go to settings and enable breakout rooms. Is there a way when I can automatically have breakoutrooms set for every meeting? Thanks

zoom constantly logs itself out

I am having trouble with zoom meetings where it just constantly logs itself out. In normal times it seems there's no problem. But, I think when the host shares his screen, it automatically signs me out. and an error message pops up saying an unidenti...

Issue with users not being moved to breakout room.

When I open the breakout room, not all of the users designated for that room go into breakout room they stay in the main room even thought they are checked off to join the break out room. It happened 2 times in my last meeting and 1once in the meetin...

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