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Zoom - logging in on 2 devices

Two questions here:1. Did Zoom change their settings? I am no longer able to log onto the same Zoom ID using two devices?2. Why did Zoom disable the share file function in the chat? I can't share any files now in live sessions.

enabling music while on a call

Hi all, Looking to utilize music from an outside source (ie: YouTube) while on a group call. I am able to hear the music, but the group participants (students) are not. Thank you for your ideas/assistance.

Scheduling a Meeting with Phone Dial in Capabilities

I'm new to the app. If I start a "New Meeting" and then copy and send invitations from the live meeting, the invites include telephone dial in information. However, when I use the "Schedule" functionality, I do not see an option to include telephone ...

Tradyn by Observer
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Strange artifacting when sharing screen

I've used Zoom for over a year now . I didn't use as a host much this summer. I just started classes again and I've been hit with strange artifacts wen I'm sharing a screen. I have a MacBook Pro and a Macbook Air. When I share a screen, my viewers ge...

Missing cloud recordings

Help! I have had dozens of videos I have cloud recorded to my account and now I can't find them anywhere. Previously I have had a paid account and switched to unpaid version. Have my videos dissapeared due to that? If that is the case, can I switch t...

Kesha by Observer
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Zoom keep charging (error 5003 ) in mac

Hi, I recently reinstall zoom and after that I can't enter neither a zoom meeting or mi account it says that is a connection problem but i know my wifi is working i can use other plataforms like meet or team, i also check my firewall and give zoom th...

Resolved! Screenshot keyboard shortcut

Why does the screenshot is not functioning when i'm using the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+T. It is always when i'm in zoom meeting that i want to screenshot some topics or discussions. Thank you

arecs by Observer
  • 1 replies