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Trouble with Zoom Web SDK

Hey there! We are currently facing some issues in joining Zoom Web SDK. The issues are listed below: - Some users are having blank screen even though the host camera is on and is visible to some.- Some users can't hear audio while some can- Host vide...

Closed captioning broken on Zoom

Hello, I was in a meeting recently where I was the host and we were using the auto-generated closed captioning. About 15 minutes into the meeting the closed captioning stopped working. It stopped appearing on the screen and the transcript stopped log...

chris9 by Listener
  • 1 replies

Resolved! I can't access meetings on our own account!

Our company pays $300 per year for whatever plan we have. We have two administrators - me and Art. Art set up a meeting with clients. But before the meeting started he had a medical emergency and went to the hospital. When our clients tried to get in...

BrianAC by Listener
  • 3 replies

Amend Recurring Meeting

I forgot to disable Waiting Room Required under Account Management before setting a recurring Meeting. Do I have to delete all future meetings and start all over or is there a way to change the future meetings so that Waiting Room is not required?

Resolved! Error code 1132

I’ve had a major obstacle run in today with zoom unfortunately being I’ve had try to logging into zoom this morning for college classes, and I’ve suddenly just got a error code out of nowhere I’ve tried to reset network download zoom again and still ...

LA0 by Listener
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Resolved! Schedulin a Session

I have a Pro account and I have a virtual meeting later this week, I scheduled the session today. I have put a start time 30 minutes before the real start time to prepare. If nobody joins the session for 30 minutes or more will the session be deleted...