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connection and update

I was getting error code 10008 for a while now but was able to get into meetings. Now I can't and I am getting the message. "you are unable to connect to Zoom. Please check your network connection and try again" I have a great internet connection. Pl...

Can't connect anymore on Samsung tab or Samsung cell

As of Jan. 8, 2023 I can't connect to meetings on Samsung tab, it just cycles & saying "connecting". I've been connecting by my Samsung cell until 2/6/23 when I get the error code 104101 & "preparing meeting". Can anyone there help me PLEASE??

someone hacked into my computer to disturb a meeting

I am in a zoom meeting, someone hacked into my computer to enter ther meeting and wrote offensive graffiti drawing on the screen. the host found out it was coming from my computer and put me out of the meeting. How do I find out who it was and how to...

Error 403

I have a Zoom account and recently re-installed Zoom on my laptop but am getting Error 403: app_not_configured_for_user when I try to access a meeting link. Some internet posts say this means my account is not active (paid for?) but I am on my home l...

Join Greyed out Windows 2011

I have two laptops. One with windows 10 and the other with windows 11. The one with Windows 10 allows me to join meetings. The one with windows 11 has JOIN greyed out. We have uninstalled three times. We have also switched between accounts. In all ca...


software compatibility

I am teaching a class on Zoom. Due to the nature of the class, I would like the students to have their cameras on during class. One of my students said that she cannot do this as having the camera on prevents her from taking notes. She uses a screen ...

Lf1069 by Listener
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Zoom Permissions

Looking for support! I have given scheduling privileges to two people, and they both have privilages to schedule for me and vice versa. However, sometimes when they log in they can enter the room but do not have hosting capabilities. If anyone has co...

Karen6 by Listener
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Is there an option to change the menu bar icon back?

I see that the menu bar icon has changed from a narrow, video camera icon to a double-width icon of the word "zoom". On MacBooks, this is a big problem because of the "notch". Having that double-width icon pushes other icons out of view. I love havin...