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Zoom Calendar Notifications

Zoom keeps sending me push notifications on my screen for calendar for every single reminder and event when I took a lot of time to make sure I have not notifications popping up. Its very distracting when I am working. I'm looking for a way to switch...

Time zone errors with calendar invitations

Zoom version: Version: 5.16.10Apple devices: latest OS'sMy devices have their clocks set to Australian Eastern Standard Time (switching to Australian Eastern Daylight Time for summer) - ie +10 or +11 hours in relation to UTC.Zoom preferences pick up ...

snicho by Newcomer
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MAPI Calendar Integration

Curious if anyone else has seen this. I enabled MAPI calendar integration. (We have on premise Exchange servers) After I do that, when I reboot, Zoom launches and then it fires up Outlook. 1/2 the time Outlook comes up and says it hates life and need...

Outlook calendar plug-in with Edge

I have a user on our Enterprise account using Outlook for calendar/mail and Edge as his main browser. We've set up the Outlook plugin to connect Zoom and it works fine until he shuts down his machine. When he turns back on, the connection to his Zoom...

sweile by Newcomer
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