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Re-occurring meetings

i have created re-occurring zoom meetings for every tuesday in 2024. When I add to outlook calendar, it only adds the first occurrance. I did this last year and had no problems. Any suggestions?

Shooper by Listener
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Zoom Calendar Notifications

Zoom keeps sending me push notifications on my screen for calendar for every single reminder and event when I took a lot of time to make sure I have not notifications popping up. Its very distracting when I am working. I'm looking for a way to switch...

Time zone errors with calendar invitations

Zoom version: Version: 5.16.10Apple devices: latest OS'sMy devices have their clocks set to Australian Eastern Standard Time (switching to Australian Eastern Daylight Time for summer) - ie +10 or +11 hours in relation to UTC.Zoom preferences pick up ...

snicho by Listener
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MAPI Calendar Integration

Curious if anyone else has seen this. I enabled MAPI calendar integration. (We have on premise Exchange servers) After I do that, when I reboot, Zoom launches and then it fires up Outlook. 1/2 the time Outlook comes up and says it hates life and need...