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Unable to reconnect calendar and 11111 error

I logged into Zoom to find a "your calendar isn't connected." error. When I click to re-connect, it takes me to a Microsoft screen with an incorrect account email and no ability to switch accounts. Additionally, when I try to add a new linked account...

Outlook Calendar

Zoom is no longer synching up with my Outlook account. I used to be able to add the meeting to my calendar by clicking the button. Now I have to download the file and when I open it I get an error message. Is anyone else having this issue?

Error code 500 internal server error

Every time I try to add a meeting in Outlook, It acts like it's trying to add a Zoom meeting and then returns "500 Internal Server Error." I've tried removing the plug-in for Zoom and adding it back and no luck. Please help!

Grossy28 by Listener
  • 3 replies

calendar invites for Apple users

Hi there, I host a recurring monthly meeting. I typically batch the schedule out several weeks at a time and send out the message to all of the attendees. One attendee has had difficulty with getting the meeting added to their calendar so that the co...

LisaEYP by Listener
  • 0 replies

Unwanted zoom messages about calendar events

I have connected my google calendar with zoom. Now I always get notifications from zoom about events and tasks that are not zoom-meetings. This is really annoying because I'm using a productivity tool that manages tasks dynamically. I constantly rece...

wwhaas by Listener
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Sceduling on app not sending email invites

Hello. I have been using zoom for years and use the desktop app to schedule meetings and invite participants via email addresses. All of a sudden, the invite email address seems to get dropped out of the invite when it is sent as a calendar invite. A...