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Celebrating 100K Members!!!

25,000...50,000...75,000...100,000  The Zoom Community Team is proud to be celebrating 100,000 community members! In just a few short months, this community has grown exponentially. We could not be more proud to be a part of something so impactful ...

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Bri by Zoom Moderator
  • 11 replies

Community-Wide Topics Cleanup

Hi there!  To improve the Zoom Community experience, we will be conducting a community-wide cleanup of our topics beginning on January 24, 2022. This community-wide cleanup is being done to eliminate vague or irrelevant topics, which will help impr...

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Bri by Zoom Moderator
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Welcome to the Zoom Community--Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the Zoom Community! I’m Bri, and I’m one of the community moderators here at Zoom. We’re SUPER excited to have you here in this collaborative space! We would love to get to know our community members. Please reply below to ...

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Bri by Zoom Moderator
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Resolved! Revert from zoomgov to zoom

I recently left a job where I had a zoomgov account. I created a regular zoom account (with my personal email) but when I try to sign in using the zoom app on my computer, it fails with a password error, and appears to still be using zoomgov. I can u...

Grabación perdida

Estaba grabando una clase, y por la mitad de esta se cayó mi internet, por tanto paro la grabación y comenzó a exportarse mientras esperaba volver a unirme. Grabe el resto de la clase y al finalizar me aparece un mensaje que decía que la grabación an...

Email change confirmation email error

After changing the email account in Zoom, the email related to the change confirmation is not received in Gmail. As registered in the support center, I checked the space of the spam folder and Google Drive, and there is no problem. The email address ...

sungmin by Observer
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Surname change

Hi I put my employer's first name and MY last name when I signed up for a free account.Is there any way I can change the surname?I tried ringing support but they kept asking for a ticket ID for a meeting which I don't have.Thanks