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40-minute limit removal - April 2022 update

To address global efforts in support of primary and secondary (K-12) education during the pandemic, Zoom temporarily lifted the 40-minute time limit. This program is now definitively concluding on June 30, 2022, as most students have returned to in-p...

Johann by Observer
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Managing Scheduling Privileges for Many Users

I manage a Zoom account with about 70 licenses for my college. We assign scheduling privilege to our administrative assistants for all of our academic faculty. Whenever an administrative assistant joins our unit or leaves their role but stays in the ...

Resolved! Switch between two accounts with same SSO domain

Hi, I have two accounts with my university (1 staff account, 1 student account) that share the same domain. I am unable to switch between them. When I try to "sign out" or "switch account" and type in the domain, it defaults to my staff account. Does...

Beca by Observer
  • 2 replies

Resolved! several accounts on one email

Hi,Early on, I had an account with my company1 with email1 through SSO1. Then my company resigned their plan, turning email1 into a free account, and I got a new account with company2, email2 through SSO2. Then another company3 signed me up again wit...