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Absense of Indian flag in emoji section

Many indians are using zoom for many different purposes. In my last meeting there was a moment in which i want to react with indian flag but there was not an option for this. So I request to zoom team for adding an Indian flag. And I hope you will un...

User04 by Listener
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Managing Team Chat for my Department

Hey, we made the decision to use the Zoom chat as our main communication channel. Now i would like to know if i can tweak it the way we want it. Can anybody tell me if and how i can make theses thing possible: - in our department we have 3 Teams. I w...

Resolved! Join A Channel list cut off

I recently joined a Zoom organization and when I try to browse channels using the "Join a Channel" function I notice it's arbitrarily cutoff around the letter "F" but there are definitely more channels in the org. Is this working as intended, or shou...

Chat Tip of the Day: Leverage Folders

Folders are a great way to organize and group your Chats, channels, and contacts. Consider creating folders based on the projects you're working on, teammates you interact with, business partners you support, and communications you receive.

Davidball by Listener | Zoom Employee
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Resolved! Chat saving

Hey,So I’ve been wondering if a Participant in a meeting where I’m the host can save the chat. Especially the messages that were sent after he left. For example when 5 people leave the meeting and two are left in it and they chat with each other. I k...

Chat Tip of the Day: Use Replies

Replies (aka: Threaded Responses) enable you to keep conversations neatly grouped together - so they're easier for everyone to follow. When you hit "Reply" to a post, you're signaling to others in the channel that you're weighing in on the same topic...

Davidball by Listener | Zoom Employee
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unable to upload a CSV FILE -POLL questions

i downloaded the CSV template and when i tried to upload it , i always get an error message....Since yesterday I am unable to upload CSV files (containing poll questions) Is anyone experiencing the same issue?

PL3 by Listener
  • 4 replies