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Can't find giphy

For the life of me, I've looked and looked and looked through every setting on my profile but I can't find the option to send GIF in chat, I only see the emoji button. It says I'm the account owner so I'm pretty sure I have the admin privileges but t...

jk11 by Newcomer
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Zoom chat function

Hi there, I was recently moderating on a course via Zoom, we had around 35 participants and all functions appeared to be running smoothly. One participant who hadn't engaged through the day, stated that his chat function was not working. The faculty ...

admin edit user chat status

Is there a way, as the account admin, to change a user's status message? For example, if an executive is on vacation and listed the wrong dates she will be out of the office, is there a way to change it to the correct dates?

Link previews don't always appear

Why do some Team Chat links not show the web page preview?Windows, Zoom 5.14.11Example 1: This does show a preview.https://nwwildflowers.com/places/?fbclid=IwAR1fibuLGPDV_jGQiexaQHdIzfNZvmC5D6wSBIJilphdObpl47i8ddAMdXsExample 2: This does *not* show a...

Zoom PWA Team Chat is not working

When I click on the reply button, it only shows my messages and a view more button that doesn't work when I click on it. Zoom says that 2 new messages have appeared but they do not show up. I have to go on a separate device to see those messages.