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oddly and frustratingly there 2 time zones in my zoom account

I have had this happen in two meetings in the last week and it gives me worry to think that people are receiving the wrong time for the meeting with 2 times zones at work in my zoom account. I set a meeting in eastern standard zone shows correctly in...

Your screem sharing has stopped

Hello, if someone can help me. I'm starting a course and I can't share a screen since I get that: * screen sharing is restricted in this meeting * Your screen sharing has stopped (Because you are restricted from screem sharing when external users are...

Adding contacts

I have a basic account. I have added two contacts, but in trying to add more I am running into problems. Some of my contacts report they do not get an email. Some of them clicked the Zoom link I sent but kept getting an error message saying "cannot u...

MsJill by Listener
  • 1 replies

Whiteboard Sharing for Elementary School Writing Practice

I'm working with my 3rd grade grandchild in another state, using Zoom. We're practicing handwriting skills.I would like to play interactive games with him in which each of us writes a few words to develop a funny story together.The shared fun element...

Gramma by Listener
  • 1 replies