Zoomtopia In-Person Photos

Deciding to attend Zoomtopia in-person was the best decision. It has been fun, networking with others, including leaders at Zoom has been invaluable. It’s a friendly environment that is a direct reflection of the culture. Thank you, Eric! Day 2 is ju...

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解決済み! Question

Will there be a place to store or check my suitcase at Zoomtopia San Jose?

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Zoomtopia 2022: Things To Know Before You Go!

We’re so excited for you to join us next week! We’ve laid out what you need for the big event on our blog  “Zoomtopia 2022: Things To Know Before You Go!” Attending virtually? Check out our video  https://youtu.be/wSe__ebrV0Q

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Score a Zoomtopia Virtual Background!

Get ready for Zoomtopia 2022 with a new virtual background! Are you drawn to dark mode or is pastel more your style? Register today to secure your spot at Zoomtopia!

22_Zoomtopia_VirtualBackground_8.png 22_Zoomtopia_VirtualBackground_6.png 22_Zoomtopia_VirtualBackground_2.jpg 22_Zoomtopia_VirtualBackground_1.jpg
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The Zoomtopia Virtual Store is open!

Don’t wait until the event to gear up for Zoomtopia  Order your Zoomtopia 2022 swag today at https://www.zoomtopiastore.com/

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Virtual vs. In-Person Zoomtopia

Zoomtopia 2022 Details & FAQs If we pay for the in-person attendance but are unable due to scheduling change make it, can we go back to virtual attendance and get a refund?

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解決済み! Accommodation Request for Zoomtopia

Hi there! I'm deaf and use sign language to communicate. I'll be attending Zoomtopia virtually. I did not see anywhere on the event page to request a team of ASL interpreters to make the event accessible for me and some other deaf people who might be...

解決済み! Zoomtopia 2022 swag

When and where will we be able to buy Zoomtopia 2022 swag? I missed getting a 2021 T-Shirt and I don't want to miss it this year.

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Question about in-person Zoomtopia app

Hello team,I've read on the event page that an app for in-person attendees will be available. Before making a final decision about getting a ticket, our management wants to know if there's a b2b matchmaking on the app or in any other form.I also was ...

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