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Zoom unreal plugin

I recently came across an intriguing video discussing the upcoming Zoom plugin for Unreal Engine. The features mentioned seemed quite promising, and I'm eager to know more about its capabilities. Could anyone share insights on when this exciting plug...

Handale1808 par Listener
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Résolu! Does Zoomtopia Registration Include Meals?

I cannot find any information on the conference site. Are meals included with conference registration? Which days? Which meals? Is there anything in writing? I need to know for my employer.

cobregon par Listener
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Agreement with Zoom company

Please help me with the work email of Zoom company. I want to get paid for my feedback, which I'm sure will be very useful.

Nik2 par Listener
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Amazing time at Zoomtopia 2023

Better late than never, right? ✌️ My experience at Zoomtopia was truly remarkable. As a native Indonesian, it was my first visit to the United States, and I had the privilege of attending Zoom's flagship event, Zoomtopia. The entire experience left m...

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Nafi par Community Champion | Zoom Partner
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Zoomtopia agenda pdf

Thankyou for hosting such an amazing conference. I was fortunate to be there meet so many amazing ppl and got an opportunity to learn in hands on labs.Can i have the pdf of the agenda of the conference along with breaks of meals provided during the c...

sgrandh3 par Listener
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Résolu! Agenda

Hi, all! We're really missing the conference. We had a lot of fun! As we are working on wrapping up the travel documentation, I noticed I don't have a copy of the agenda, which I would need to submit. Can someone help me get a PDF or other document t...

just_bcars par Listener
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Zoomtopia 2023 Rewind

Hi, everyone! I had a great time at Zoomtopia this year -- my first time in-person! I met a lot of people I'd only seen online. With his new responsibilities we don't see as much of Community Champion and Zoom employee Brandon "@YaBoiB" Welch, but we...

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Ray_Harwood par Community Champion | Customer
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