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Resolving Plugin Conflicts with Zoom API in WordPress


Hi everyone


I'm experiencing a conflict between my Zoom API plugin and another plugin on my WordPress site. When both plugins are active, the Zoom API stops working correctly and certain pages load incorrectly.


Steps Taken:

1. Deactivated all plugins except Zoom API – it worked fine.
2. Reactivated plugins one by one – issue reappeared but couldn't identify the exact plugin.



- Zoom API integration issues.
- Page load errors.
- Occasional Zoom API error messages.


What I Need Help With:

1. Best practices for identifying the conflicting plugin.
2. Steps to resolve the conflict without disabling essential functionality.
3. Tips for smooth Zoom API integration with other plugins.


Thanks in advance for your help!

Muhammad Saqib



How to Find the Problem Plugin


1. Activate Plugins in Small Groups:

- Instead of activating plugins one by one, activate them in groups of two or three. This helps you identify the problematic plugin faster.


2. Check for Error Messages:

- Look for error messages in your WordPress site. To do this, enable debug mode by adding a few lines of code to a file called `wp-config.php`.


How to Fix the Problem


1. Disable or Replace the Problem Plugin:


- Once you find the plugin causing issues, you can deactivate it. If it's essential, try finding an alternative plugin that works well with Zoom API.


2. Ensure Smooth Integration:

- When adding new plugins, always test Zoom API to make sure they work together without problems.

I hope these steps help you resolve the issues with your Zoom API integration on WordPress!