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Help me

I use license until Jul this year.But Suddenly my account is changed basic.How should I do?

ana5 by Observer
  • 2 replies

Where to enable HD 720p or 1080 video recording mode.

Good day! Where is the button to contact support. I need to enable HD 720p or 1080 mode for my profile. I made all the necessary settings in the profile. My devices - computer, camera and internet connection meet all the conditions for HD 720p and ma...

Elena10 by Observer
  • 1 replies

Annontate Function

I need to record a timed Zoom session in order to secure a virtual teaching position. One of the requirements of the session is to use the annotate function. I cannot figure out how to turn that on. I have read the directions on the Zoon sight as wel...

Zoom API Integration into custom LMS

Hi there, we have to integrate zoom API or SDK into our custom LMS, it's in the initial stages, we require logging in to Zoom API programmatically. How can we achieve this behavior? Our LMS is VB.NET-based. Is there any possibility to integrate Zoom ...

Virtual background issue

My virtual background ends up on me, not in the background. How do I change this so that the background is IN the background and not on me?Many ThanksJohnny TennUK

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