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"Export-Feature" missing in Whiteboard


In my Zoom PC-App there is no option to export the Whiteboard to .png or .pdf available. But this should be listed in the three dots menu (..) where also "move to trash" is available right?  (like described here:

In the zoom-user settings  "Allow saving of whiteboard content" is checked.
Any idea how to get this working?




@Guisandro ,


Login to your account in the Zoom portal, left side panel click the settings button, and then select whiteboard. there check this option  "allow export of whiteboard content" is enabled, it is enabled for host and participate then you will have that option to store the date. 

If it is locked by the admin level. then only the admin has access to enable it. otherwise, you also can enable it.

@Mathi: This is already enabled. Still no export function in the windows app.


Hi @Guisandro, here's a work-around! 

I've had the same problem in the Zoom app. I still don't know how to fix it in the app or if its currently possible, BUT if you open a Zoom Whiteboard from Zoom in a web browser (like Chrome or Safari) instead of the app, the option to Export as a PDF or PNG will appear in the three dots once you open the whiteboard (it won't appear in the three dots when looking at all of your whiteboards on the Whiteboard home screen).

I hope this is helpful!! 

Hi @WBinvestigator!
Thanks  a lot! Yes this works. So at least this way export is possible.
However: That it doesn't work in the Zoom App seems to be a bug I guess!?

I have the same problem as you. In the meantime, is the bug away  in you Zoom account? In mine it's still there: I can only export from the online Zoom environment. 



I also had the same problem. 

I also had "Allow saving of whiteboard content" checked.

So what I did was change who could export from "Host and participants" to "Host" only. This caused the system to update the settings. I then changed it back to "Host and participants" and the option remained available.

In effect, you just have to have the system resave the settings.