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Zoom installation in a MacBook Pro 2021: "installation failed"


I bought a MacBook Pro yesterday and I tried to install zoom. (I downloaded zoom from their website, clicking on the link specific for the M1 Mac processors, such as the one I have).


I have the latest macOS 13.0 installed.


During the installation, I received a question about whether I would like to give Zoom permission to access some file folders. Not knowing what to do, I clicked " No" but I never thought that would lead to an installation fail.


Right after I clicked "no" I get a banner saying the installation failed. Not much explanation of why it failed.


Then, I removed the installation file, and I downloaded it again from the Zoom website.


Now, the problem is that I don't get anymore the permission question. It automatically gets again to the " installation failed" banner.


It seems as if my first " no" response to the permission question is still recorded somewhere and as a result any other attempt to install Zoom keeps failing over and over.


Does anybody suffered this? Any help would be very much appreciated.