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Zoom Rooms Companion Whiteboard


Has anyone had any experience deploying either the LG CreateBoard or the Samsung Flip Pro as a companion whiteboard in a Zoom Room? 


Here are the links to the products:


86” IPS UHD IR Multi Touch Interactive Whiteboard | LG CreateBoard | 86TR3DJ-B | LG US Business


85” 4K UHD Flip Pro Interactive Whiteboard (WMB Series) | Smart Sigange | Samsung Display Solutions


It appears that both would require an OPS PC installed in their OPS slots, but would they also require a camera and microphone if the display is only being used as a companion whiteboard? 


Thanks in advance! 



Yes, the touch capable display must be connected to a Zoom Room, whether a Windows-based Zoom Room (using the OPS PC) or an external Mac-based ZR or ZR appliance (e.g. Logitech RoomMate, which may be a good choice from a size, cost and manageability perspective).


You do not need a camera, microphone or speaker attached to the Zoom Room companion whiteboard device.