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Zoom Crashing when sharing screen or whiteboard


Suddenly, I am having trouble with my meetings crashing and kicking me out when I try to share the whiteboard or computer screen. It seems to happen more in the morning meetings than later in the day. The chat bot says to update Windows, but I don't want to update to Windows 11. I tried deleting Zoom Client and reinstalling it, but it is still happening. Does anyone have advice for me? 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @mom31257, do you have any of the following enabled in your Zoom client settings > Share Screen (some of these options are advanced > advanced 


Enable or disable the following that may be increasing hardware acceleration and bandwidth usage: 

- 'optimize for video clip'

- 'Use Hardware acceleration to optimize video sharing"

- 'Use TCP Connection for screen sharing'


More info on Managing advanced screen sharing settings


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