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Writing with Wacom stylus pen no longer works properly


I have been using Zoom for for two years without having any problems using the Whiteboard or writing with the stylus pen.

For about a month or so, writing with the pen no longer works properly. It does with other programs, but if I try and write something on the whiteboard it looks like in the second image. The other image is from MS Paint, written one minute later on the same device at the same pace. The pen strokes aren't detected properly, some are shortened, others are reshaped a split second after I wrote them, others aren't detected at all. The only way to make it legible is to write extremely slowly, at a pace of ~two seconds for each letter. It usually does work when i first open the whiteboard, but only for a few minutes. After I have written a few lines or pasted a few images, it begins to get worse and worse.  I tutor Maths online for living and I use it 8 hours per day. I've been in touch with Zoom customers service, but I have not heard back from them for several days, so obviously, I am under extreme pressure to get this issue resolved. 


I use the most recent version of Zoom. My PC runs on Windows 11 with Intel 12700k CPU and a Asus Geforce RTX 3080 graphics card, 32 GB of DDR5 Ram, an Samsung 970 M2 SSD and I use a WiFi which delivers around 800 Mbit/s. I use the Wacom CTL-470 Stylus Pen. 


I have recently deleted Zoom and ran ZoomCleaner afterwards and then reinstalled it afterwards as it was suggested by customer service, but it has had no effect.