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Whiteboard shows blank on any page after the first one.


I have prepared a few boards for the whiteboard before my meetings.

When I go live only the first page content can be seen by me and the participants of the meeting.

When I go to the 2nd or 3rd page all I get is a blank screen, no content at all. If I end the meeting and go back to the whiteboard the content is still there?



I am having a similar problem in that all three whiteboards I have created now show up completely blank outside of the meeting. I have submitted a help ticket.

Same issue here!!! So frustrating!!!  Did submitting a help ticket help, Kokoko?


Zoom's engineering team has reached out to get it fixed. We've tried several different things with no success. I'm still missing about 4 hours worth of collaborative information that got lost in my whiteboards. 😞 They are working on it, but no solutions. I'm very disappointed in this product. 

Wowza!  Sorry to hear about the 4 hours of your collaborative info getting lost. That is awfully frustrating and disappointing for sure. Thanks for sharing your progress with the engineering team. I hope Zoom can get it figured out soon. 

It took until today, but my whiteboard content has been retrieved by Zoom's engineering team. Grateful they kept going until it was solved.