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Whiteboard does not work with iPad


Hi - i teach by logging into my zoom with my computer, and then also logging with with my ipad, giving my ipad co-host privlidges, and then using my ipad as a whiteboard (using my pen on it). Now that there is the new whiteboard, I am unable to write as I used to. When I open a whiteboard on my computer, I see a panel with options about how to write on the whiteboard, but when I open a whiteboard using the ipad, I see no such panel. What am I missing? Or is this a bug?




Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

" I am unable to write as I used to"


So you can open the whiteboard but you can't edit it , right?

I guess this whiteboard is created on your computer and opened with presenting mode.  So your iPad joined this meeting and can only view the whiteboard. (Even ipad user with co-host role)



If it does not work, a screenshot is appriciated.