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Whiteboard Collaboration


I am struggling to find away to invite external guests to our organisation join us on a white board.

Says our settings are set that way, I am the admin and cant work it out!

Any advice please!


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hi @CherieCanning! Welcome to the Zoom community, we're happy that you're here 😊


There are two options to invite others to collaborate on your whiteboard. 


  1. Click Share to invite other users to collaborate on the whiteboard. Enter the contact names, zoom chat channel, or email addresses of the users you would like to share the whiteboard with and set their permissions with the arrow to the right of the entry box. Click Share to finish.
  2. To create a shareable link: Click the arrow to the right of the Copy Link button 


    at the bottom of the window to set the permissions for users you are going to send the link to. Click Copy Link and then paste the link in a message or email to send to others.

Do any of these methods of sharing work for you? 

Thanks, I tried those and then it said " Luminate Leadership has disabled collaboration with users outside your organization" I cant seem to find where to update that 

I am seeing the same restriction but cannot find any settings on my profile which relate to that option

The default setting is that you cannot share outside of your organisation - but there is nowhere to specify this to enable it to be switched off

Same problem here.

  1. can`t invite users outside the organisation
  2. if I try: Admin has disabled collaboration with users outside your organisation
  3. if I open the white board and try to share it from there: A server error occurred. Try again later or if error persists Contact Us for help.
  4. If a user tries to get access via a link: I get an email with no way to legitimate the user request

The white board is useless.

I have one client who can collaborate on the whiteboard without me having distinctly granted access. My other client can only view the whiteboard. I see no way to just grant access to whomever is in my current meeting, which is what I would like to do. Is there any way to give that universal permission, so that Zoom allows anyone in the current meeting to collaborate on whiteboards I present in that meeting? Do I really have to send a link every time I want them to access a given whiteboard?


I'm having the same problem.  Where did you find that setting option?