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White Board background image


The white board platform Lacks importing an image as a background.

My background is a template that i want to use.

If I uplaod an image then it interferes with my writing and soon you want to erase any of your writings then the image (assumed to be a background ) will be erased instead of the writing.

Thus zoom developers of whiteboard should consider an option for a background that one can import which is untouchable by the "erase" option or holding/dragging an image which i s the case now.


I appreciate any feedback on this new option to be introduced.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hey there! Thank you for sharing this idea. At this time, all feature requests are managed within our submission form. We encourage you to submit this idea there, where the information will then be passed along to the relevant product team for review.

If this response was helpful for you, please do not forget to click on the accepted solutions button!