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Use of the new persistent whiteboard in zoom meetings. - Why can't i add images in a meeting?


Hi folks, just wondering is it just me, or has the ability to add images to a persistent whiteboard been disabled within an actual Zoom meeting? i can add them through the web interface, but once i'm IN a meeting and actually using the whiteboards, i can't add images on the fly. 

This strikes me as hugely unhelpful aspect of the tech and i really don't understand it. I can only assume it's a tech issue of not being able to immediately are images. But it seems like a massive limitation.

Or is it Just due to my machine being an older MacBook? 

Feedback graciously accepted.



I have the same issue and I'm using Windows

that's disappointing. i kinda hoped it was just me on an older OS but sounds like its currently an ongoing issue. are you using Windows 10 or 11?


Having the same issue but even worse. When I import a photo in the web interface, there is a brief glitch where it tries to place the photo and then nothing. Not sure why the import photo feature is disabled when a call. As you said, it's hugely unhelpful (understatement). I'd say immensely irritating.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Quinndog and others, 

Unfortunately, the in-meeting Whiteboard experience is not quite the same as the out-of-meeting whiteboard experience. Some of the more advanced shapes and features, like uploading an image, are only supported in the out-of-meeting experience, but can be viewed through the in-meeting experience. 

We're working to bring both experiences up to parity with each other. 

Hi Bort, thanks for the reply. Would you have any idea why I get a flash of a box on-screen when I try to upload an image and then disappears?