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Uploaded images not working on Zoom Whiteboard


Hi, I wonder if anyone can help with this.  I've set up Zoom Whiteboards and shared in a meeting so that all participants can edit the whiteboard.  Everything was working fine, but when I upload an image from the browser version of the whiteboard I could see it on the Zoom meeting (so a connection from the browser to the meeting is ok) but none of the other participants could see it.


 Has anyone come across this or know why this is happening?



I have exactly the same problem. Have you found the answer?

Not yet I'm afraid!


Just got off with support. Here's how we fixed it.


  1. Go to your account settings on the web
  2. On the left side, select Account Management
  3. Under that dropdown list, select Account Settings
  4. In the main content area, near the top, select Whiteboard
  5. At the bottom of these options there's a section "Whiteboard cloud sharing"
  6. Select "Allow sharing with anyone with a Zoom account (same organization and external organizations)"


So ONLY people with zoom accounts can see the images?  Meaning that everyone has to not only have a zoom account but they must also be logged in to it or they won't see images?  If yes, this tool can't be used with customers or vendors as there is no way to mandate that.


Has anyone found a solution to this yet? I too am having the same trouble. I prepare for class, load my images, then in the zoom meeting, the students cannot see the images.