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Moving content between whiteboards in real time


Hello all.

I'm trying to find out how I can host a meeting using a whiteboard in the following way:

- each attendee (up to 10) has their own page for brainstorming and prioritising their ideas

- they prioritise their own virtual post-it notes on their own pages by dragging and dropping to a 'high priority' area on their page of the whiteboard

- once they are happy with their priorities, I need them to transfer their priorities to a 'master priorities' page within the whiteboard so that all of the top-rated ideas appear on the same page for group discussion.


I can see this is maybe possible via copy and paste but this requires each individual to do this manually for every one of their own priority ideas but is there a smarter way please?  I have a paid-for professional account and really need attendees to be able to simply drag and drop their sticky notes onto a separate page within the same whiteboard, simultaneously and then for us all to be able to work from the same 'master page'.