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List of Classic Whiteboard features or comparison list between Classic and New Whiteboard


Is there a comprehensive list of the original Classic Whiteboard features or a comparison list between Classic and New Whiteboard?  I'm featuring the new Whiteboard in a newsletter I'm writing for my work and never had an opportunity to use the previous Whiteboard so have no idea of what features carried over and what the new goodies are.

For example, in classic Whiteboard, were connector arrows available to connect shapes?  I know there are others.  Any help would be appreciated!



Hi Mary, what do you define as the Classic and New Whiteboard? Is the Classic from before April 2022, or is it the earliest version of the Zoom Whiteboard we use now that was launched in April? I've heard that there was a version of Zoom Whiteboard before the one that was launched in April, but I've never seen any information about that version. 

I'm looking for information from before 2022. When the tools were still located at the bottom of the screen.



I'm an admin for our ZOOM instance.  We used the old: now we use the new.   For us the major improvements on the new one are: 1) easy for both hosts/participants to drama or disruption of meeting flow - the old floating annotation toolbar was a huge pain and explaining to participants how to find/use it was a major distraction 2) you can prepared whiteboards in advance and save and share them - with other hosts and/or with your participants 3) you can invite your folks to collaborate in-meeting (which was always true) - but also now allows asynchronous collaboration outside of the live meeting...before, after or in-between that introduces nice new instructional design possibilities.  Hope that helps.  I'd like to see a comprehensive comparison too though...