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Can't upload anything to Zoom whiteboard even with settings enabled


We are having trouble finding the option to upload images, pdfs, etc. on the Zoom whiteboard. This goes for all organizational and external users. On the backend we have enabled uploading capabilities for all users, but the option is not available in the whiteboard while using it. What can we do?


Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee

Hi @lcrp  can you see this upload icon on your toolbar(left side of the view)


If you can't see this icon, please ensure you enable the setting





If you already enable this setting, but still can't this icon

I want to know which platform you are using : zoom desktop client, browser, zoom room, mac, windows, linux or ...

FYI : We can't upload images when we are using zoom room + shared zoom room account + whiteboard. 





I am also having this problem - the upload icon is not visible even though it is enabled in settings. I have a Mac.  I found an article that said I need to contact support, but cannot find out how to contact support. The bot could not help me.


I am also having this issue: 

The upload button is visible in the meeting toolbar, I can select a document to upload, but then it just fails and says "no permission". 

This is even with the permissions to upload granted on the back end admin. I have tried uploading from an internal employees laptop and from my own external laptop, both get the same response. Any suggestions?