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After zoom update, I can't write fast on whitebord.


Recent update is worst. After that, I can't write note smoothly. When I write something fast with pen, the writing mode is cleared. (MOUSE POINT IS CHANGED TO CLICK MODE - I can't wirte letters anymore) I have record video clip which shows this error. I want to show you. 
In original viersion, I can wirte something fast, but now I should wirte very slowly. It's not matter for mouse-writing users but for pen-user like me, it is so terrible. It is critical problem in running classes. Because of your system's worst program, I spoiled my classes a lot. 
I checkd my pen funtion another writing memo applications, and it works well. (fast writing is possible) So, I am sure this problem occurs only in ZOOM. Plz send quick response and feedback. It's emergency for me. I hope to go back to previous version. 
Although I am a paying customer, I am not business customer, so can't use service center on the phone.

My emai address is *********** 

Check this error and reply me as soon as possible!!



Agreed, its absolutely awful. I will be ditching the product in favour of something else now. Clearly not a well tested development process or tested on various devices. 

I think zoom doesn't care this problem. I was so urgent, redownloaded previous version. It was not easy to find that program. Write ur email, and I can send it to you. Anyway if it is not solved, I have to stop using this program. 😞


Jamboard / Google meet actually looks a bit better for maths work. Can use graph paper etc


Try disabling Windows ink option in drawing pad driver software.  Huion/XP-Pen/Wacom software have that option.


Windows ink is a interface to communicate between  stylus/drawing pad with drawing software( whiteboard) through Windows. Zoom might be messed up when using windows ink functions with new version.

Disabling the windows inking option inside of Wacom settings fixed the jittery, non-smooth writing in zoom (Nov 15, 2022): 


Start Menu >> Wacom Tablet properties >> Mapping >> Use Windows Ink