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chat history is missing when logging from a new device


I have installed Zoom desktop client onto a new laptop and logged in using my existing Zoom account.  My chat history is missing from my chats and channels.  However, on my phone with the same account that has already been logged in for a long time now, I can still see chat history for both chats and channels.  Also, I'm using a business account from my company, so I think chat history should be stored in the cloud.


How can I see my chat history on this new installation?


Zoom version: 5.17.11 (34827)




in my opinion, To view chat history on Zoom after a new installation, join or start a meeting, click on the chat icon, and access ongoing chat. For past meetings, check your Zoom account settings online under "My Account" for options like "Meeting History" to access chat history. If unsure, contact Zoom support for assistance.


Upon further investigation, it was discovered that our business account did not enable "Store Messages in Zoom's cloud".  Because of this, chat history is stored on the device only.  So when you install Zoom onto a new device, chat history will start from that point onwards unless your chat messages were saved to the cloud.