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Zoom invites


I have received three consecutive Zoom invites from one of our account users but the user has not actually sent the invites.  In fact they were not even logged into their account - suggestions as to how this happens or why would be gratefully received.  Thanks!





@SueCraggs there are some possible scenarios going on here,

  • If you receive calendar invites (i.e. Google calendar) it is possible that those were sent from the Google account
  • It is possible that those invites were sent by mistake. I've seen first hand that users will have  a hard time accepting they made a mistake.
  • The zoom account is been compromised. If so, please change your password and enable 2SV if available in your account.
  • In some cases when you copy calendars using programs like Outlook, can create duplicates of events if the process is not done correctly.

Hope you can find the root of the issue