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Zoom display has many vertical lines


Changing a LENOVO PC X-1 carbon to the latest model X-1 Carbon generation 10, ZOOM screen is shownas attached. Probably this phenomenon is caued by the setting of the new PC. Is there any same expeience reported?



A first easy fix might be to try having really good light in the room with you. Maybe your photo sensor is just having trouble with you sitting in a low light setting and those artifacts are a side effect of that. That would be an easy fix if that is the source of your issue.

I'm not sure if this could be your problem, but I have seen visual abnormalities associated with the Computer not having enough RAM and running out of memory in meetings. Trying starting up a meeting with just you, for testing. Then press CTRL + ALT + DELETE and select to launch your "task manager" and check out your computer performance and see if you're running low or exhausting your resources.