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Unable to upgrade to 5.10.03 or higher


I am a subscriber to Zoom, but unable to use for my last two meetings, would not allow me to have audio, had to use a browser.  When I go to zoom, I only get the message "You need to upgrade to 5.10.3 or higher.  Contact your IT department. I do not have an IT department and when I try to upgrade, I cannot because I do not have access to my profile in order to upgrade.  I never get messages from zoom to make me aware of any new upgrades.

When I tried to uninstall Zoom and install, I cannot do that either as I get a message telling me that "You cannot uninstall because you are on a network source that is unavailable."  I have no idea what that means. I need help solving the problem.  I tried the Zoom Chat room but it did not work.  Did not even come close to understanding my problem.


Can someone out there help?




Can you download the newest client from: