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Poor music background quality in the zoom meetings




This started after the Windows Update last week. I used to be able to teach Pilates via Zoom and have music on the background using a mixer. Now, the music is garbled and horrible. I changed from my laptop to a desktop and it worked. Same settings and with the new update too. It worked but when coming back to the laptop doesn't work. So then, I purchased a new laptop and tried again. It is still garbled the back ground music. Checked all the settings and it all is good just like the desktop. I am not sure what to do. I will be travelling tomorrow outside of the country and I need to teach zoom and now I cannot do it with my old laptop and the new one that I just purchased. Of course I won't take my desktop with me but the question is why doesn't work with laptops anymore? anyone can help me please!!!!!!   my hubby and I are going crazy since last night that is all we do. 



I have the same problem.  Standard install of Zoom played music clearly on 6 year old Windows 10 laptop, but is completely distorted and horrible on new Windows 11 laptop.  The exact same music played locally plays fine, but if sent from elsewhere across Zoom can't even be identified.  If I switch output devices (speakers, headphones, monitor speakers, ...) it cleans up for about 2 seconds, then goes back to being horribly distorted.  I'm current on Windows 11, Bios, Drivers, and Zoom version.