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No ring tone when connecting to a contact


When calling sb. via Skype you can hear a ring tone, so you know it is calling. But when contacting a person via Zoom there is no ring tone. Is there a setting I've not found yet or is it Zoom that does not provide this feature?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @Wadwirag


 Here is the link to your Zoom Phone settings, but I have not heard of this issue before and I just tested my Zoom Phone calling my cell phone and it rings out as designed. This may be one of your settings, but it may be another issue. Are you allowing the Zoom App access to your machine in your OS settings of the machine that you are using? That is a possible solution that I have seen in the past where you are not giving the Zoom app access to your sound drivers. 


 Do you have sound in Zoom Meetings? 




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