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During Covid's first wave, my company embraced the Home office and we use Zoom in our daily workflow.
They're currently migrating the domain and instead of migrating my account they created a new one, explaining that since the account I'm using was created private (we just followed the steps they asked for), and the new one is an SSO , they cannot do this migration. I would like to know if there is any possibility of doing this, as it will be quite problematic to lose all the history related to some projects that I am running.
I know I could change my SigIn "setup" email address, but since they created a new account, I can't use it and even if I question is: can this be exchanged for an SSO account? (Cause if this is the case I can ask them to exclude and add after those steps).




I'm Pizzalover28 and it will be my pleasure to assist you. 

For this, I would highly recommend contacting Zoom Support. 

There are a fiew ways that you can go about doing this. 

1. Email. 

You can submit an email ticket by going to this link:

2. Chat support. 

If you prefer live chat support, you can do live chat by following the steps below. 

Please go to the website. 

At the bottom of the website, you will see a chatbot icon. 

Tell the chat bot that you would like to connect to a live agent. 

You can then select support from the menu, and then select chat with a support agent. 

3. Phone. 

If you are a business account user of Zoom, you can get support by phone at 888-[q~##]gii-5926 and enter your host key.