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Microphone - the sound is only choppy


For a few weeks now, what I've spoken has been getting choppy and completely incomprehensible to the recipient. I use the Lenovo Ipad with built-in speakers. Whether Whatsapp etc. - I can be understood everywhere (on the notebook), just not with Zoom. I've reinstalled Zoom 3 times and nothing changes. In the sound settings I selected each variant. Without success. I need help. Thanks.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @OnkelArndt , my apologies for the late response. Are you still having this issue? 

Hello @Bri. Yes, unfortunately. I can only get around it by using a headset. What continues to amaze me is that I can be understood via all apps (messenger) such as WhatsApp etc. on the notebook; just not with zoom. Best regards, Uncle Arndt