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Local Recordings



I have a basic plan and I was trying to record a meeting but I couldn’t. I read about local and cloud recordings and I don’t really understand the difference.


I just want to record meetings that I have and i don’t even have the recording option in my meetings.  

I thought about upgrading to a pro account since it mentions recording in its features but it has only 1GB of cloud recording. I can save the recordings on my device if it’s possible but i need much more than 1GB is that possible with the pro plan? 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Haneen_2310, welcome to the Zoom community!


Local recordings are available as an option for all free users, whereas cloud recordings are enabled for all paid subscribers. When you open up the Zoom app, are you not able to see a record meeting or is the issue when you click record, it does not actually record the meeting?