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Languauge interpretation


Hi there, I am tech hosting a large event for a client.

The client has a Business account and large meetings (500 attendees) and webinar features.
The language interpretation in the account settings of the client is turned on.

All interpreters have given their e-mail addresses which was used when creating their Zoom accounts and they join from laptop/computer from the Zoom app.
However, even though the e-mail addresses were programmed in the Zoom meeting link and the interpreters joined from the link in the invitation e-mail.... However when the interpreters joined the meeting in the tech dry run none of the translators were recognized so I had to manually assign all 20+ interpreters. So even when I as a host want to start the interpretation the pre-assigned list does not work. 

This is troublesome for the day of the event, what am I missing and how can I make the pre-assign list work?

Thank you in advance.





Sara, the way this works if you want the interpreters to go directly into their booths is for the interpreters to be logged into their zoom accounts when they login into the meeting/webinar. If they are not logged into their zoom accounts when they join the meeting with exactly the same email address as they are logged into their zoom accounts.


Otherwise have to put them in one by one .....



Interpretation = live translation by people for people
We specialise in organising and running events with interpretation.