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Issues with audio when connected to bluetooth headset


I am using Zoom on mobile app, have connected bluetooth headset for audio but it is not working properly. I can't hear any participant in the meeting, when I click on the speaker with bluetooth icon in upper left side, it goes to speaker mode of mobile and when I click on the same icon again after few seconds, I start hearing other participants but in few minutes again the voice doesn't work and I can't hear any participants again. I tried different bluetooth headset but the problem is same. Any solution?



I've had the same trouble. Using Zoom app (updated to the latest version) on Android. When connected to car bluetooth or my bluetooth headphones, I toogle the audio icon between speaker/bluetooth/off,  but when it's on bluetooth mode, the sound only comes through my phone--not my bluetooth device. Essentially just turns the speaker off and on, but never transmits audio through any bluetooth devices. It used to work, but for the past 2-3 months (at least), it hasn't. 


I've searched several Zoom community support threads and various tech fix sites, but no one seems to have a solution except "wait till the next Zoom update and hopefully it'll be fixed." Well, the latest update, version  was released yesterday (7/25/22) and it still didn't fix this issue.