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Is there a log available of attempts made by User to login to a Meeting?


At a recent meeting a User reported back that they could not enter a meeting.  Is it possible for Zoom to provide login attempts made to a meeting?  This user reported that they connected a number of times but could only hear voices.  This user advised that they tried multiple times to access the meeting and have a record and a recording of this. Is that possible?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @D95, great question! It appears there is another post that outlines a similar issue. I encourage you to review that post, and if the accepted solution by @vescamilla provides you with the assistance you are looking for, I encourage you to close this current discussion by marking this reply as the accepted solution. Users who view this post can then navigate to @AmyFrederick post to find the similarly asked question and solution that you also found to be helpful. Thanks!


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