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IM Alerts... a flaw


Here is an issue I'm experiencing. I have several people on my team. I LOVE THE POPUPS and ALERT SOUNDS when someone messages me. They are great. However I DO NOT get popups or alerts if the person who messages me is in context. I get it... When you are actively engaged with a chat you don't want it simultaneously popping up everything they are saying in a popup. However... I leave a message for someone then disengage with the Zoom App because they don't answer quickly. They message me 10 minutes later and that window isn't on my fore front of my display. I miss the message because no popup, no alert sound, nothing. I don't even notice it until 50 minutes later. The only remedy for this is to click out of that conversation. I do that, but sometimes, like this situation, I forget.

I pride myself on prompt answers to IMs. I might not get to a Email right away because I am coding or whatever... I can't constantly stop work like that for every email. I handle them in chunks of time. I work remote and I, however, want everyone to know I'm IMMEDIATELY available when a chat comes in. I can always send a 2 second chat back without much interruption to what I'm doing. I don't want them thinking I'm AFK or ignoring them. I would at least like the chat noise to happen for every incoming message regardless of if they are the active(in context) chat. That might be annoying for some, so make it a setting. Make the "always popup" a setting too please. I want a popup and alert noise for every message... even if I'm actively engaged with that person in chat.

Unless you can have the Zoom Application know if it's the active window on the operating system. I have up to 4 monitors up at the same time. Even if it's on the screen... I might not notice a single message come through without a popup and audible warning on my main screen.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Matt-LACA appreciate your feedback here as this great, suggest submitting this to! Can think functionality wise and ability for team chat notifications you have the following options that may help, but may not resolve your issue as to what specifically you're looking for. 



For sounds and Behavior; playing a sound when receving a new messge and showing a message preview.


With unread messages; suggest maybe the following: 


Lastly, if you're on mobile (not saying you're always on your mobile device), but you can be signed in to Zoom on one computer, one tablet, and one phone at a time; therefore, if you're away from your computer and on your mobile device you can Change Team Chat settings on the mobile app

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Has there been any kind of resolution to this yet? Our users also complain about this behavior all the time. And to be clear to the Zoom support representative, we have all of the notification options turned on. They just don't work when you have the Zoom chat window open, even if it is on another screen as is the case for most people in our environment. If Zoom chat is open or the active window, no sound notifications are present when a new message is received. I like comparing this to an active text message session on an iPhone. Even if you are actively engaged in an iMessage conversation, when someone sends you a new message, there is still a sound letting you know they sent you a new message (though it is a different and more muted sound than the default notification sound you would hear if your phone was not in the messaging app.) I think this model would be great. There shouldn't be any instance where you can receive a chat message without getting some kind of audio notification (assuming you have audio notifications turned on.) Zoom Support, if you do not understand the issue fully, please let me know and I would be happy to reproduce it over a support session. Thanks.