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Google Cloud Identity Account to show in Zoom Org Users




I am looking for some help on understanding how users get added to our Zoom Org. 


We would like to solution adding some of our users who have Cloud Identity Licenses only into our Zoom User Management. 


I am able to manually add the user that I want, and I can see they are pending invite acceptance. However, because they are Google cloud identity accounts, they do not have an email inbox. I am able to use the Sign in with Google Feature and sign in with that prompt with the cloud identity account. 


I get a message when doing so for the first time that there is an existing account to tie to, which must be the one I created. However, even after selecting the option to tie the accounts, the account still shows a pending status in the org, and in the users zoom account they don't have any contacts or groups from our org that should have populated if it were tying to that account like the system had mentioned.