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Chat during a meeting or webinar




Could I change chat settings during a meting/webinar? For example allow people/participants to chat at the beggining and block the chat after a moment?


Thank you


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hello ChookFromGe,


As the Host you have the ability to start and stop Chat during a meeting.  During the meeting please click on the "Security" shield on the bottom of the Video Window.  You should be able to see the "Chat" option.  Simply click on that tab when you want to stop the Chat function.  Please see the below screenshot.



Please "accept" if this answers your question.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Not sure how it works in a webinar (I don't do many but I believe you can control it there), but in a meeting you're hosting, you can completely disable chat at any point by going under the Security button in your meeting controls and making sure Chat is unchecked under the "Allow Participants To:" menu.  You can check and uncheck this feature as many time as you want.


Alternatively if you call up the chat menu and click the more button (3 dots), an option comes up listing you participants can chat with.  You can change that to No One.  I believe you as host can still send chat messages however.