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Audio notifications for incoming messages on Linux


How can I enable audio notifications for incoming chat messages on Linux client?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @skpy, you can enable sound for chat notification when receiving messages within your Zoom client settings > Chat > Check ☑ the following setting⤵



Hope this helps and was what you were looking for!


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Hi @RN , unfortunately there is no such option. I use latest Zoom Version: 5.8.0 (16)


I have exactly this issue as well with 5.9.3. I'm running Gentoo which uses the _x86_64.tar.xz tarball file, and my co-worker is running debian. Both of which are missing the "Play sound when I receive a new message" checkbox.

I am now on 5.14.7 (2928) running on Ubuntu.  The option "Play sound when I receive a new message" is there, but checking it does nothing - there is no audible notifications of new messages.  Also, checking the option DOES NOT PERSIST on restart of zoom client (goes unchecked.) 

On the same version, 5.14.7 (2928), using EndeavourOS , so Zoom installs using the package manager . Notifications work, and persist. But I think if the window is visible (e.g. on a dual monitor) then it doesn't notify, so I have to keep minimizing the window when I'm done looking at it, but that's it.


 2022-09-23 - update - i went to look again today, the box was unchecked so I checked it, and it's working. I wish I knew what upgrade fixed it,  I got tired of being disappointed after each upgrade. FWIW, I'm on 5.11.10 (440).

Getting sound notifications in Linux (Solus) has never worked for me > 2 years. I hv. the paid plan through the company. My settings photo is attached. Version: 5.9.6 (2225). I keep upgrading zoom (tarball) and hoping :-(.

I did figure out a hack though - a bash script that watches for the notification window to pop up so if I'm afk, the bash script plays a sound.