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Entering customized start and end times in the scheduler is, once again, BUSTED


I'm not sure why ZOOM keeps screwing with the scheduler, but when they push an update I bite my nails because they have been screwing up the scheduling feature over and over for the past two years.

As of today's pushed update they, once again, made it impossible to enter a custom START and END time. (IE: START at 6:05 PM and end at 7:20 PM) You can TYPE in the custom time but ENTER does nothing.

For me and, I'm sure, many others, this renders the scheduler useless.

I can't properly schedule my many meetings. The dropdown options, in quarter hours, are not acceptable for my meeting schedules. I need to customize the start and end time.


How is anyone else getting around this?


PLEA TO ZOOM DEV's: (It's bad enough that you make it impossible to reach you making us rely on each other for product support.... now we have to hope you actually look at these posts.)
PLEASE recognize that your product is about MEETINGS  that need to be SCHEDULED. Not on YOUR time choices, but our time choices! (You even limit the topics were allowed to enter here and this one isn't even listed.)