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zoomroom : same content on 2 displays after power off and power on the displays

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner



in a zoomroom equiped with 2 75 inch displays and a mac I have the following issue :

1. both screens are powered up and shows the zoomroom background

2. the session is started in the zoomroom, all works fine. Content on display 1 and the remote participants on display 2.

3. The displays are powered down

4. The displays are powered up

5. Both displays are showing content and no way to change the second display to show the remote participants

6. zoomroom left out of the meeting via the controller

7. Zoomroom joined the meeting again entering the meeting id and the password

8. one displays shows the content and one display the remote participants so all ok


looks like the zoomroom app and the mac is not reacting correctly on a power down power up sequence of the screens.