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Zoom with MS Teams Powerpoint live issue


Hi ,  in my office , we are using both Zoom and Ms team for VC , but our VC room are Zoom native with Logi equipment.

Issue we are facing now is when ppl join Ms teams meeting from Zoom room , when remote participants start sharing their presentation by using Powerpoint Live feature on Ms Team from their laptop , the audience in zoom room see nothing on TV screen . we have test several times and not working. 


the only workaround we can do now is use desktop sharing which not very best experience to staff and ppl get frustrated when they are in meeting room but cannot see presentation.


anyone facing the same issue or know any solution to this ? thks



Zoom Moderator

Hi @NutapolC it's been some time since you've posted this but I did see you open tickets #13890001 (still open) and #13257232 (closed), would suggest responding to your tickets, therefore, our support teams are able to troubleshoot and further investigate into your issue. Let me know how else I can help! 


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